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What Do I Do If My Fridge Stops Working. Worry not, this article will help you identify why your plug socket is not working and what measures you should take to fix it. If the light comes on, check to see if the thermostat has been adjusted.

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Open the refrigerator door roughly 30 to 40 centimeters and then release it. While working harder, the motor will generate more heat, making the temperature in the kitchen go up and making it harder for the fridge to keep the temperature at normal levels. Why is my fridge not working but light is on?

To do so, set the controls to “zero or switch them off entirely. Then, plug the refrigerator back in, making sure the power cord is inserted fully. To correctly reset the system, unplug the appliance. Open the door, if the light doesn’t come on, check whether the power has been switched off.